Introducing the new Fixed Price Program at LKQ on selected recycled parts.

Simply add these parts to your repair estimate at the fixed price and identify LKQ Corporation as your supplier. They will use their due diligence to locate and supply all parts. In the event that a part cannot be sourced the responsibility to locate suitable replacement part resides with the estimator. Some of the qualifying parts are:

• Air Cleaner Resonator, Air Flow Meter, Air Intake Tube
• Cowl Vent Panel
• Engine Cover
• Fuel Filler Neck
• Canister
• Fan Shroud
• Hood Hinge, Hood Latch
• Horn
• Power Steering Reservoir
• Radiator Overflow Bottle
• Trunk Lid Hinge

For more information contact your local LKQ location, call 866-557-2677 or visit us

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