Elevating shop processes with quality, powerful and ergonomic lifts

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BossLifts by Herkules move vehicles with ease and stability by providing a pure vertical lift. Our patented airbag technology is the primary lifting force for many of our lifts, adding years of life to them. And the inflation safety valve is standard, protecting the over-inflation of the airbag. We use oversized hardware, have certified welders, and have a design that makes these lifts safe and robust.

Air Jacks by BossLifts are portable and deliver reliable, heavy-duty lifting power anywhere in the shop. Their internal stabilizing cylinder ensures stable, solid positioning, and dual safety valves prevent over-inflation and uncontrolled deflation.
BossLifts are a popular choice for automotive service and repair shops. Air Jacks will easily and quickly lift heavy objects a short distance. Ideal for use in wheel removal, brake, suspension, tire work, and industrial and construction applications.

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