It’s no secret that Arslan Automotive is a staple name in the collision repair industry, due to the professional quality and reliability of its 3D measuring and welding equipment brands, which have become well-recognized in Canada among collision repair professionals. Arslan Automotive Canada Ltd. has been going strong for over 43 years. The company is best known for its TECNA Smart/Smart Plus Inverter Spot welding equipment, including Accuweld-inverter pulse MIG/MAG welder models, both of which have captured a significant slice of the Canadian market. They also manufacture Accuvision-3D measuring system developed by Arslan Automotive Canada and made in Montreal. According to the company, the 10-AV700 3D measuring system is “the quickest, simplest and most versatile and accurate” 3D measuring system in the world. Arslan Automotive shows no signs of slowing down its sales of these systems with over 350 shops in Canada and US having adopted the system for their 3D measuring since its genesis approximately 3 years ago.

In 2021, the company introduced a new line of 3 Pulse MIG welding machines and an Inverter Arc Dent puller repair system for dents, under the brand name Accuweld, Pulse MIGs that are available in single torch (mdl.60-TM736), two torch, (mdl.60-TM742) and three torch (mdl.60-TM743) models with state of the art features as auto-setting torches, 4 wheel wire drive system and more.

According to the company, the Accuweld 60-TM750FK Arc Dent Puller system is a high-end synergic welder with programs dedicated to both aluminum and steel and is capable of repairing dents and strengthening thin metal sheets, especially when it comes to aluminum. The system also features a colour graphic display with a simple-touse interface, with customizable and storable programs, plus an SDMemory Card to update and add programs. Arslan has been focusing on the Canadian market, and introducing the Accuweld line to its U.S. sales agents and customers at 2021 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Further, Arslan Automotive continues to develop its export markets for the Accuvision-3D measuring system.

Last year, Arslan Automotive told Collision Repair it had signed an agreement with the Kia and Hyundai National Car Dealers Associations of Korea. The partnership seeks to promote the installation of Accuvision 3-D measuring systems in all Korean collision repair facilities. As part of the agreement, Arslan had to created a Korean version of Accuvision 3-D programmed with the chassis data specific to models sold in South Korea.

For reference, Hyundai and Kia vehicles comprise approximately 90 percent of new cars sold in Korea.

The company has now appointed a new distributor for Vietnam, KINGTECH ENGINEERING CORPORATION, where it can profit from a market that essentially can use the Accuvision-3 chassis databank that the company had created for entry to the South Korean market in 2022.

“We look forward to increased sales in 2023 with this new distribution agreement as we are dealing with a well established and respected equipment distributor for the country,” said Arman Gurarslan, president and owner of Arslan Automotive.

Notwithstanding the recent increases in interest rates and a looming worldwide recession which are challenges to contend with, the company continues to forge ahead with its marketing efforts and invest the necessary dollars to start the rolling out process for Accuvision-3D in Vietnam.

“We want to be there when things settle down and market growth starts up,” continued Gurarslan



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