For every impressive, shiny new piece of equipment purchased by collision repair businesses, there are hundreds of pieces of equipment that have—since time immemorial—been designed in a surprisingly similar way.

Were a modern collision repairer to— by some magical accident—find herself transported into the bronze age; she might well find herself employed as a repairer of chariots. The fundamentals of this progenitor profession would be, after all, quite like her 21st-century role.

In fact, with a toolbox consisting of hammers, drills, buffers, and sanders, she would already be an expert in the use of all the tools required for her new (or, rather, very old) trade.

At first, the transition seems breezy. But the differences between the ancient versions of modern staple tools become apparent after the first day. A bronze hammer—being less dense than a modern steel one—would be far more unwieldy at the same weight and require more swings to make as significant an impact on a chariot quarter panel. The drill—which, without electricity, would have to be hand turned—would also burn through the time-traveler’s calories at an astounding rate. In general—thanks to the three millennia of microscopic improvements between the repairer’s two sets of equipment, she would find that she was able to work at a far slower pace in her new period.

Of course, from our perspective, it is easy to overlook the microscopic improvements that occur with each year’s latest tools. But, whether we are paying attention to these latest innovations, the effect they can have on a businesses’ overall success should not be overlooked.

While some slight changes to technology might seem like mere gimmicks, the advantages can help repair facilities save incredible amounts in the long term. If a tool offers ten minutes of time savings for one of your staff members over the course of a day, you have just freed up more than one week of time over the course of the year.

To help hammer home this point, the Collision Repair magazine team has chosen a selection of products that demonstrate these microscopic innovations over the next few pages. Read on to nail down your facility’s tool purchase wish list for 2021. Some deceivingly big business advantages are but a page-turn away!



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