WE’RE PLANNING A PARTY IF YOU’RE OPTIMISTIC, YOU’RE INVITED BY ALLISON ROGERS Do you see the light? That shining beam at the end of the tunnel, signifying that the dark days are finally behind us? With the past two years as predecessors, it only seems fair that 2022 will bring good—albeit, better—fortune to the world […]


BLAST FORWARD THE FUTURE IS HEATING UP It is a safe bet that the way your business conducted welds in the first decade of the 20th century has changed in the 2010s. It is also a safe bet that the 2020s will bring even more significant changes to your business’s approach. The substances used to […]


A SCANNER-SMARTLY CLEVER CARS REQUIRE CLEVER TOOLS If there is one thing that the introduction of widespread pre-and post-repair scanning has brought to the industry, it is a widespread realization about how much insufficient estimation processes result in unnecessary work—the last thing any busy business needs. As Kelly Roberts, long-time collision repair manager who now […]


SMALL BUT MIGHTY SUCCESS IS THE SUM OF ITS PARTS For every impressive, shiny new piece of equipment purchased by collision repair businesses, there are hundreds of pieces of equipment that have—since time immemorial—been designed in a surprisingly similar way. Were a modern collision repairer to— by some magical accident—find herself transported into the bronze […]


CIRCULAR REASONING GOOD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT, GOOD FOR YOU During the height of the coronavirus pandemic, Dave Flockhart, chief operating officer of BETAG, said collision repair businesses could significantly boost their productivity and gross profit margins by embracing a ‘repair first’ mindset, post-pandemic. “More total loss vehicles means more competition for repairable vehicles,” Flockhart says, […]


A CUT ABOVE FIREFIGHTERS COMPETE IN AUTO-EXTRICATION COMPETITION AT STANDARD AUTO WRECKERS By Allison RogersPhotos by Max Reid It may have been one of October’s chilliest mornings yet, but that did nothing to dampen the vigour of Markham, Ont. and Oakville, Ont.’s firefighter crews, who competed in the annual Auto-Ex Competition at Standard Auto Wreckers […]


SMOOTH AS STEEL THE PRODUCTS THAT MAKE RUNNING YOUR BUSINESS EASY During the months that humanity hid indoors in 2020, the marketing teams at many organizational management suite providers decided it would be a good idea to inundate the internet with ads about all the impressive things you could do with their particular brand of […]


GO BIG MAKE YOUR PAINT JOB SPLASH Painting a vehicle, to the public, seems like a simple enough task. I mean, most of us have been painting since we were two feet tall. Of course, what we in the collision repair industry know for a fact, is that painting a vehicle is hard. And to […]


LIFE IN COLOUR PAINT—THE CURE TO A HAPPY CUSTOMER It is an uncomfortable truth that—for many members of the public—the go-to way of measuring how well an auto repair facility repaired their vehicle has nothing to do with the post-repair crashworthiness, or how close to pre-accident condition it is. In most cases, a collision facility […]


CLEAN UP THAT ACT CUSTOMER COMFORT IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN EVER In 2020, health and safety procedures suddenly became the difference between success and closure for many collision industry businesses. Two years later, little has changed. As the pandemic tore through the globe, businesses that prioritized good working conditions for their staff were thanked in […]