Over 85 collision centres. Over 225 new car dealers. Over 250 OE Certifications. After nearly a decade of CCS entering the market, its mission remains the same to this day: to become Canada’s largest and most preferred new car dealer collision network “We have successfully brought new car dealers together, been able to execute on improving performance, and have delivered for our partners an exceptional level of quality and customer service across the country,” says Sandy Liguori, President of Consolidated Collision Services (CCS)and the Woodchester Auto Group. “As President and as a member of CCS, I can confidently say that there has never been a better time to be a part of the network.”

Built from the ground up by dealers, for dealers, CCS’ tailor-made approach focusses on three key areas; retaining more of your current customers, improving the performance and profitability of your business and putting you on the map with national insurance partners. A dealer exclusive network, co-operative ownership structure and unique approach to how CCS supports its members has attracted some of the largest and most successful dealership owned collision centres to the network over the last 10 years, says the network.

“What becomes immediately clear about CCS is the quality of the locations in our network, it really is a key differentiator for us compared to our competition,” says Mike Beier, General Manager of CCS. “These are names and brands that have been a part of their communities for decades, in some cases generations. This is what sets us apart. Leveraging the individual identities of our members, bringing the collision centre to the show room, and being the one-stop automotive destination for all of our customers, this is what really makes CCS unique.” No two collision centres are the same; every management team has its own approach to achieving success and a culture of high performance within its organization. That is a fact CCS knows and celebrates, working closely with each of its industry partners to conquer collision centre-specific and sector-wide challenges alike.

Members tell our story best, Chris Laking, owner and president of Laking Toyota, Northern Nissan and Imperial Collision in Sudbury, Ontario says, that “CCS has been a vital partner in the growth of our business. From providing management tools, to hosting meetings with like-minded repair shops, CCS is a key partner in the growth and evolution of our successful collision repair business. The ability to share ideas on how to run our business and not be directed, makes CCS a unique partnership.”

Corrado Olindo, Collision Centre manager at Highland Chevrolet Cadillac in Aurora, Ontario says, “In the past, we felt that as a dealer we had to chase business for our bodyshop. Today, by implementing key CCS initiatives, Highland has elevated their game to compete not only at the dealership level but with the largest players in the industry while achieving record levels of customer retention, personnel development, and profitable growth.”

“We’ve have accomplished many great things so far, but the opportunity for CCS and our network in the years ahead is staggering,” says Sandy Liguori. “We are at a point where dealership owned collision centres have all the tools available to succeed, and a network that shares their values and vision. We are excited for what lies ahead.”



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