ON TO THE NEXT NEW NORMAL? NO PROBLEM If you recall, in last year’s Collision Repair Buyer’s Guide, we had cautioned that the 2020s would see the business of collision repair change beyond recognition. Clearly, we were right. This year brought far more chaos than anyone could have imagined. Sure, we’d expected the typical fast-paced […]


ENLIGHTENING LIGHTS HIGHWAY THRU HELL’S AL QUIRING AND J.W. SPEAKER TEAM-UP ON ROADSIDE SAFETY If there’s one thing Al Quiring really wants to see his fellow towing professionals do, it is to take their personal safety more seriously.  In fact, when asked what advice he would share with ambitious young people in the towing sector […]


FIRED-UP FOR THE FUTURE THE NEXT GENERATION OF WELDERS ARRIVES It is a safe bet that, however your business conducted welds in the first decade of the 2000s, it changed the approach in the 2010s. It is also a safe bet that the 2020s will bring even more significant changes to your business’s approach.  The […]


INCREMENTAL INNOVATIONS HOW SMALL TIME-SAVINGS ADD UP For every impressive, technologically advanced individual piece of equipment purchased by collision repair businesses, hundreds of pieces of equipment are bought by facilities that have been designed in a very similar way.  Were a modern collision repairer to— through some magical accident—find themselves transported into the bronze age; […]


CHANGE RESISTANCE SOME BUSINESSES ARE SKEPTICAL OF HIGH-TECH TOOLS The past few decades have transformed the tools used to conduct repairs.  Products such as ultraviolet lamps, which promise to reduce extensive paint drying times to fractional numbers, or diagnostic scanners that allow technicians to remotely dial in to receive assistance with repair procedures are no longer seen […]


CAN’T TOUCH THIS HOW A GLOBAL PANDEMIC SPURRED WIDESPREAD INNOVATION IN INDUSTRY SOFTWARE SUITE DESIGN During the months that humanity hid indoors in 2020, the marketing teams at many organizational management suite providers decided it would be a good idea to inundate the internet with ads about all the impressive things you could do with […]


SCANNING THE SCENE IS YOUR BUSINESS PRE-REPAIR PREPARED? If there’s one thing that the introduction of widespread pre- and post-repair scanning has brought to the industry, it is a widespread realization about how much unnecessary work comes as a result of an insufficient estimation process.  As Kelly Roberts, a long-time collision repair manager who now […]


ALL CLEAR? THINK AGAIN DEVELOPING AN EFFECTIVE SCANNING PROCESS Collision businesses that develop an effective diagnostic scan process will see an almost immediate benefit.  A diagnostic process—like strategy-based diagnostics—performed by a qualified diagnostic specialist can save a collision repair facility money, cut back touch-times, improve capacity, reduce the risk of legal liability, and, most importantly, […]


GREENER PASTURES REPAIR MORE, RECYCLE MORE, EARN MORE During the height of the coronavirus pandemic, Dave Flockhart, chief operating officer of BETAG said facilities could significantly boost their productivity and gross profit margins by embracing a ‘repair first’ mindset post-pandemic.  “More total loss vehicles mean more competition for repairable vehicles,” said Dave Flockhart, suggesting businesses […]


UNDENTED OPPORTUNITIES WHY PDR PROVIDERS ARE THRIVING EVEN AS THEIR TECHNIQUES GO MAINSTREAM The paintless dent repair sector’s transition from a specialized service into a mainstay service of progressive auto repairers everywhere has been rapid. For many facilities, however, the advantages offered by working with a PDR provider still outweigh bringing those services in-house.  Part […]