Speciality Product Sales International Inc. (SPS) was established by Jack Bergmann in 1986 and has been supporting manufacturers and Canadian distribution ever since. Over the years, SPS has expanded across Canada with five dedicated sales representatives strategically located in Atlantic Canada, Quebec, Ontario, the Prairie Region and British Columbia.

In the early years, SPS quickly gained a reputation as a quality representative for equipment manufacturers beginning with Uni-ram. Focusing on paint and body equipment the company expanded with additional product lines including Innovative Tools, Shop-Pro, Karajen, Autolift and most recently Dent Fix. Today, SPS also represents a strong line-up of paint related products and consumables in partnership with Dominion Sure Seal, EZ Mix, Presta Products, Shoot Suit, SM Arnold and Viledon. SPS is dedicated to providing products that will help businesses be as effective and efficient as possible. SPS only represents manufacturers that they believe in and promotes products that they trust.

Speciality Product Sales takes pride in ensuring the members of the sales team have proper training on all product lines. SPS provides very effective means for manufacturers to support their products in markets that would otherwise be a challenge to reach. The SPS team attributes personal service as the key to their success. Participation in trade shows and product clinics across the country provide a platform for SPS to display products and provide live demonstrations and training.

Customers have an opportunity to see firsthand the quality of products SPS represents and gain a working knowledge of various product lines. This strategy provides a direct connection with equipment and products that can’t be achieved through on-line shopping. SPS further backs the products they represent with traditional in person setup and service calls and personal telephone assistance. They also use technology such live chats, YouTube and FaceTime as troubleshooting tools to ensure customers are given fast and efficient product support.