Mitchell International Headquarters in San Diego, CA

Leading Through Innovation in Collision Repair

Delivering Better Business Outcomes Through Expertise, Technology, Connecting and Culture

Founded in 1946, Mitchell was born out of a desire to meet the practical demands of the automotive industry, delivering the industry’s first accurate, functioning car parts replacement resource for collision-damaged vehicles. The company’s focus on simplification, efficiency and access to accurate information drove its entry first into the collision repair market, and then into auto physical damage claims.

Since then, Mitchell has extended its solution offering beyond collision repair and auto physical damage claims to include auto casualtyworkers’ compensation, and pharmacy claims handling. Today, the company empowers clients across the Property and Casualty industry by providing them with smart technology, deep industry expertise, and seamless connections to the broadest range of solutions, networks, and partners. Mitchell provides the broadest range of technology and information enabled solutions to its clients. The company’s customer-driven design principles result in smart software and services that integrate seamlessly with the systems Mitchell clients already use – and its solutions simplify and automate each step in the claims handling and collision repair process, increasing productivity, accuracy, and efficiency.

Decision-making information and expertise is driven deep into the design of Mitchell’s solutions to help its clients make smart decisions around claims, and to keep them in compliance with financial, medical, and other industry regulations. When companies use Mitchell’s software and services, claims are paid more accurately and efficiently, so clients see improvements in their business performance and their customers see better personal outcomes.

A culture of innovation and passion: Mitchell’s employees rally around a set of shared beliefs and behaviors, which drive the company’s culture of innovation and the ongoing advancement of its technology. The company works closely with its customers to discover, design, and evaluate solutions through Customer Advisory Councils, on-site observation, field and onside customer observations and prototype and iterative testing.

Driving better business outcomes through the power of information: With the most current industry outlook and deep industry expertise, Mitchell helps its clients understand and respond to trends. The company’s unparalleled breadth and depth of software and services connects its clients to actionable insights and information for better decision-making.

Bringing together the broadest range of solutions, networks and partners: The heart of Mitchell’s business is about connecting customers to an unparalleled breadth of smart solutions that help them process and make better decisions. Mitchell connects its clients to many networks and value chain partners to simplify and accelerate their businesses, and to help them find opportunities that extend their reach into new markets. By partnering with its clients, Mitchell develops an understanding of their challenges to better design solutions that truly meet customers’ needs.

Mitchell’s comprehensive solution portfolio and robust SaaS infrastructure enables tens of millions of electronic transactions to be processed each month for more than 300 insurance companies, including much of the top 25 insurance payers, and more than 30,000 collision repair facilities. With an expanding global footprint, Mitchell products are currently in use across the Americas, Europe and Asia. Mitchell is headquartered in San Diego, California, and has approximately 2,000 employees.