MANAGING MACHINES ARE YOU A.I. PREPARED? Software plays a crucial role in modern automotive collision repair, streamlining processes, enhancing accuracy and improving overall efficiency in repair shops. From estimation and quoting, to parts sourcing, repair documentation, procedures and management, diagnostics, and more, it’s abundantly clear that we are living in the digital age. The collision […]


FUNCTION AND FLOW WHAT’S YOUR TRACK RECORD? YOU WON’T KNOW WITHOUT SOFTWARE MANAGEMENT Robots are here—are you taking advantage of their services? Perhaps software management programs and computer/cloud-based tools are yet a far cry from robots, but the technology can surely aid in smoothing out a collision centre’s operations. There are many different softwares that […]


SMOOTH AS STEEL THE PRODUCTS THAT MAKE RUNNING YOUR BUSINESS EASY During the months that humanity hid indoors in 2020, the marketing teams at many organizational management suite providers decided it would be a good idea to inundate the internet with ads about all the impressive things you could do with their particular brand of […]