Peter Kwasny GmbH based in Gundelsheim, Germany has long been recognized as an industry leader by achieving breakthrough solutions in small damage repair with the SprayMax system. Professional automotive repairers appreciate the process flexibility with both 1K and 2K technology options and how SprayMax can reduce cycle time and add throughput to their operations. In addition to saving time and material costs, they still maintain spray gun-like quality results with this premium aerosol system.

A key advantage of SprayMax is the patented variator nozzle for improved atomization and adjustable control of the spray pattern. To deliver true two-component technology, SprayMax designed a unique can which houses hardener in a separate internal chamber until its needed to activate the primer, paint or clear.

Kwasny works globally with countless OEM paint manufacturers to develop and test new products to solve common repair challenges while ensuring compatibility across technologies. The company takes great pride in being certified by many OEM automobile manufacturers in both the products SprayMax markets and the application techniques it designs.

Over the years the line has grown and now encompasses a wide range of surface preparation, primers, primer fillers, base coats, topcoats, clears and spot blender enabling professional results from substrate to final finish. This flexibility allows for impressive results whether in-booth or on the shop floor with standard air filtration equipment.

To ensure customers get the most out of the SprayMax system, the company has a team of product specialist, technical agents, and distributors who can introduce the line or individual products to get you started. There are also helpful demonstration videos which cover everything from plastic to metal/plastic to in-process repair procedures on both 1K and 2K technologies. Adopting the SprayMax system can transform shop productivity with easy to follow costefficient repair solutions.

You can learn more about SprayMax products by visiting and downloading the product comparison brochure along with product guides for the latest information.

Need a personal follow-up? Just call SprayMax’s Customer Support Line at 1.844.426.6330.