Solera Holdings Inc. and Google Cloud have teamed up to develop an update to Solera’s Qapter claims management software that is expected to launch the app to the world stage.

In collaboration with Google’s Cloud infrastructure, the team at Solera has put together an update for its Qapter software that allows the program to scale globally for any vehicle make and model.

Solera is able to tap into more than 40 years of historical vehicle and claims data thanks to the company’s proven Repair Science™ algorithm—more robust and complex than the competition and capable of more precise and accurate estimates, quickly, consistently, and at scale.

“Our strategic vision for the future of the insurance market requires disruptive thinking, ambition and laser focus to deliver the best A.I.-powered solutions that can scale at a global level. Our unmatched data and superior A.I. leveraging Google’s industry-leading technology allows us to drive the next generation of Solera’s product and service excellence with speed and precision,” said Solera CEO Darko Dejanovic in a press release Wednesday.

Solera CTO Evan Davies spoke to the company’s use of proprietary A.I. technology in developing Qapter.

“We have a significant number of proprietary A.I. algorithms that we are continuously enhancing to increase value to our customers, and the Google Cloud ecosystem has saved substantial time for our developers, with numerous integrations and continued investment in new tools and capabilities that augment their existing platform to support iterative and ongoing enhancement.”