STRUCTURAL ADHESIVES UNDERSTOOD WHY MECHANICAL FASTENERS CAN’T ALWAYS COMPETE Structural adhesives allow vehicle designers a level of flexibility that cannot be achieved with mechanical fasteners like rivets. For one thing, adhesives are simply more physically flexible. The bonds they create are, by their nature, able to accommodate more stresses without causing lasting damage to the […]


THE NITTY-GRITTY AS VEHICLE MATERIALS GO HIGH-TECH, ABRASIVES HAVE GONE THROUGH A MAJOR OVERHAUL To those outside the collision repair industry, it may seem strange to imagine scientists in research laboratories around the globe working on the next game-changing abrasive materials. After a century of making vehicles in, more or less, the same way, auto […]

Roughed up

ROUGHED UP IS YOUR BUSINESS READY FOR HIGH-TECH SUPERABRASIVES? As manufacturers use more complicated materials and rely more and more on mixedmaterial combinations formed using structural adhesives in their vehicle designs, traditional abrasives are no longer appropriate for use in all repairs. Automotive manufacturers are expected to increase their spending on synthetic superabrasives over the next […]