As technology continues to evolve, we as an industry need to evolve together and embrace the opportunities that are upon us. integrated software solutions are designed to help users be ready for what lies ahead.

In last year’s Buyer Guide, some of Car-Part Pro’s newest features were highlighted such as more recycled part options and better integration with the collision industry as a result of a new Car-Part Interchange version. This year,’s CEO Jeff Schroder has more exciting news to share including an automated assembly enhancement and new analytics features.

The Car Part Pro Marketplace provides over 750 Canadian tiered alternative part provider locations and their customers with a common platform. More than a recycling database, Car Part Pro is an online auto parts marketplace for insurers, repairers and independent appraisers that provides access to 200 million parts across North America. Car-Part’s integrated Car Part Pro (iPro) is a one-of-a-kind open parts marketplace designed to meet the collision repair industry’s increasing needs for alternative parts and supply chain solutions with real time delivery information.

iPro integrates with all major estimating systems to allow a one-click launch of the Car Part Pro marketplace from an estimate. iPro has an optimized assembly workflow, identifying component parts on an estimate and mapping them to recycled replacement part assemblies to bridge the gap between components and recycled assembly parts.

How it works: iPro automatically associates the correct components with an assembly when an assembly, such as a front bumper and front door assembly, is chosen in iPro. Components are only auto associated when they are included on the assembly and correct for the estimated vehicle based on the interchange number of the assembly.

Recently introduced, Car-Part Interchange Plus (CPI+) is another enhancement embedded in the Pro search which increases the availability of recycled part types for hard-to-find parts. CPI+ enhances interchange for 100-part types not available with standard interchange including engine parts, interior parts, and body parts, and includes additional interchange for later model Mitsubishi and Mazda vehicles.