Arslan Automotive



In 2018, Arslan Automotive saw an increase in its product sales. This trend continued through 2019, which was seen as Arslan’s most successful year ever.

This is, in no small measure, due to the professional quality and reliability of its welding and 3D measuring equipment brands, which have become well recognized in Canada among collision repair professionals.
The FIMER Inverter MIG-MAG Pulse welders, TECNA Smart/Smart Plus Inverter Spot welders have both captured a respectable slice of the Canadian market.

The Accuvision-3D, a 3D measuring system developed by Arslan Automotive Canada and assembled in Montreal is also a success—and a Canadian-made one at that.

Since its introduction to market in late July 2017, it has received tremendous positive reaction from bodyshops across Canada. Its ease of use, simplicity, accuracy and moderate price has attracted many users even among some shop owners that had already purchased other systems from competitors.

This year, two new additional features were added to the Accuvision-3D measuring system at no cost.
The first is a wheel alignment diagnostics feature to its software. All past users can now download the additional feature from the website at no additional charge.

Another new feature is the new infrared camera and pointer system using IR LEDs. This new system allows users to operate the system camera under direct sunlight without affecting the camera’s reception of the LED IR signals from the handheld pointer. As the Accuvision-3D needs no calibrations nor a flat level surface for the vehicle to be measured on, this new feature allows for vehicles to be measured outdoors.

As to shop certifications, Honda ProFirst, Certified Collision Care, (GM, Ford, Chrysler/Fiat, Nissan and Kia) and CCIAP certification program of AIA all recognize Accuvision-3D for shop certifications.

Arslan has stated that its challenge for 2019 was to develop its sales and marketing in the U.S. throughout the year. The company is happy to confirm that, to date, it has been able to appoint and train sales agents and distributors covering 80 percent of the U.S. market. During the rest of the year, Arslan worked to appoint select agents/distributors for that remaining 20 percent.

Arslan’s mission is to listen to feedback and keep on improving what it does and how it does it. It is already working on implementing some suggestions, which were detailed during a presentation at SEMA. Thank you to all our valued partners in making our brands a success.